Piikani Stories of Resilience

Piikani Stories of Resilience was part of a multi year initiative, in partnership with the Piikani Lands Department, to define and develop climate resilience through a series of co-created activities. Piikani Nation had reached out to nation members to share their stories in relation to the river bottom at the Old Man River. Six individuals were chosen to share their memories growing up near the Old Man River, their observations of the river since the installation of the Old Man Dam, and their concerns for the ecosystem surrounding the river.

These six testimonies are currently on display in Banff National Park at the Cave and Basin until 2024. You’ll find their stories translated in French and Blackfoot, along with a description of how the Cave and Basin is important to the Piikani people.

All activities were led by the community with support from the Resilience Institute and adhered to the Free, prior and informed consent ethical guidelines for collaborating with Indigenous Peoples.  For more information and to access the official publication please click on link below.