Livestock Control Officer

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Appointed by Chief and Council by BCR pursuant to the Stray livestock bylaw, employed by the Piikani Nation for the purpose of enforcing provisions of the Stray Livestock bylaw.
  • Control, Management and impoundment of Stray livestock
  • Issue notices to Nation Members/Non-Nation Members of nuisance livestock
  • Maintenance of Impoundment facilities
  • Communication with Membership, Chief and Council, CEO, Lands Manager regarding bylaw and impoundment issues, updates.
  • Work in coordination with Lands Staff to complete all impounds and tasks in a timely manner.
  • Control of Livestock in Agriculture and Grazing Fields
  • Destruction of Dangerous and Sick livestock
  • Maintenance of Community Pastures
  • Tracking and Knowledge of Livestock Brands