Piikani Nation Lands Department, with funding from

Indigenous Services Canada has committed in three phases to clean up any Underground

Storage Tank (UST) contamination at the Crownest Trail Outpost Gas Station.

Piikani Nation Lands Department has retained Tetra Tech Canada Inc to conduct a phase

III Environmental Site Assessment to further delineate any petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC)

impacts to the ground at the site.

The work for the final phase will consist of hauling contaminated soil to a treatment cell

area that was approved by the Piikani Lands Department. Once completed, the treated

soil will be hauled back to fill the excavation site.

In 2017, Petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) impacts were identified following the removal of

three underground fuel storage tanks. In which a subsequent phase II Environmental Site

Assessment was completed in 2020.

Tetra Tech will prepare a remedial action plan including a remedial options analysis for

this site.

Tetra Tech Canada Inc was at the site on March 14, 2023, to begin the prep work for the

final cleanup.

The project will begin on March 20, 2023 with KBL subcontracted under the direction of

Tetra Tech. Piikani Nation Lands Department will have Joaquin Four Horns, lands

employee, on site to complete daily inspections and address any concerns that may arise.

The working group for the Residential School Search has completed 1 out of 4 sites so far. In July, the Piikani Lands Department and Hatch wrapped up the search on the north side of Piikani where the R.C Mission school was located. We are currently in the processes of scanning several locations at the Sacred Heart Residential School site. Once we are finished the second site, we will begin the process at the St. Cyprian Residential School, however this wont likely happen until spring 2023. If you have any information or wish to volunteer, you can contact us at our office.





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