Piikani Nation Lands Department is creating a Land Use Plan to help create a guidebook on where and how development can or cannot occur on community lands. The Land Use Plan will guide future growth on all lands within the nation boundaries, establishes a long term vision for land use, and will make a broad statement about the communities future.

Phase one

Piikani Nation had completed Phase one of the Land Use Plan in January of 2023. Phase one consisted of a back ground review of current operations within the community, public discussions at open houses with mapping exercises available, and a managers engagement session. Upon completion of the Land Use Plan, we have developed a highest and best use study to determine areas best suited for economic development priorities.

Phase Two

Piikani Nation is currently undergoing phase two for the land use plan. Piikani Nation Lands Department has begun engagement with the community following completion of Phase 1 on the Land Use Plan. Through the year Piikani Nation has dropped off 150 surveys to homeowners to answer few general questions regarding land use on the Nation. We asked nation members to describe to us ways the interact with the land on a daily basis and what areas are of interest to develop, protect and preserve. To date, Piikani Lands Department had 51 surveys completed and returned to the department for review.

Phase Three

Phase three of our land use plan will take place once we have successfully wrapped up phase two. Phase three will consist of Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluation of the land use plan. Once a first draft is presented, Piikani Lands Department will conduct a review and input from community.