Keepers of the Land Workshop

The Piikani Nation Lands Department in coordination with Piikani Nation Secondary School and Napis Playground Elementary School have kick started an annual Rangeland workshop to help students focus on the importance of the health and management of our lands now and for future generations.  As our first year we focused on demonstrating the Climate Change perspective as well as bus tours to sites within the reserve to show students our land.

As part of the Keepers of the Land initiative,  Piikani Nation Lands Department and Piikani Nation Secondary School has collaborated together to show case a Bison harvest for the students in 2022. William Big Bull had led the demonstration with the students by explaining what the Bison had provided to us niitstitapii. He explained the importance of each step so the students can understand how each part of the animal is used. During the processes the students were able to harvest the bison themselves.

Piikani Nation Lands Department recently held a workshop with the students that allowed them to provide input into our Climate Change projects. We had invited our partners to attend the workshop to provide hands on learning and give the youth an opportunity to understand the direct impacts climate change could have, but what organizations are doing to mitigate these impacts.

Piikani Lands department will continue developing projects that will provide a learning opportunity for our Piikani youth.