The Piikani Nation Lands Department Project Manager will be responsible for the following:
* Perform all duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Piikani Nation Administration Personnel Policy and Procedures manual
* Assist with Projects related to Land Instruments
* Assist with Permit Negotiations
* Assist with collaborations with Land Instruments
* Network with Membership, Chief and Council, CEO, CFO and Communications Officer
* Assist with monitoring and site inspections on Projects
* Assist with arranging meetings with relevant stakeholders and rightsholders
* Assist in identifying and responding to environmental/climate issues regarding Piikani Lands
* Assist in coordinating Piikani Community Information Sharing
* Further develop the Climate Change Guardian role and inspire climate guardianship within community
* Help identify and assist with grant proposals related to Lands priorities and climate change and with preparing reports to funders.
* Assist in delivering on-going climate change activities in close collaboration with our partner, the Resilience Institute, and others that may be identified
* Knowledge/experience with Microsoft Office Programs
* Office Administration Experience
* Ability to use an acreage grid
* Must possess survey background for on-site evaluations and aerial map interpretation skills
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Excellent public speaking and presentation skills
* General knowledge of Piikani Nation Land Base
* Minimum 3 references that need to be included on Resume
* Criminal Record Check must accompany Resume
Education Requirements
* Post-Secondary Diploma Required
* 2 Year Experience Lands Office
* Knowledge of Business and management principles and practices
* Knowledge of basic administration procedures
* Proficient in relevant software applications
Tuesday September 14, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
Direct applications including cover letter & resume or CV to:
Piikani Nation Administration Attn: Diandra Smith – Human Resources
Phone: 403-965-3940 Fax: 403-965-2214 Email: