Stories of Resilience – Call for Participants

Piikani Nation Lands Department and The Resilience Institute (TRI)

Stories of Resilience

Do you have an idea for a story about what makes the Piikani people resilient?

We are seeking applications to become part of a small cohort to develop short narratives and photos or illustrations to share with the community and others about what makes us resilient in times of change.

It could be your story or someone else’s that you know, like an elder or other community knowledge holder.

Send in your story idea to: by March 1, 2021 with the following information:

  •  Your name and contact information.
  • One (1) page with details about the story you would like to explore.
  • Will it be your story or will you interview someone?
  • Will the narrative be accompanied by a photo or illustration?

Each Participant will agree to:

  • Attend 1 information session (virtual).
  • Communicate with Lands what is needed to help complete the project (i.e. protocol or supplies).
  • Work independently on the stories and photos or illustrations to accompany the story.
  • Obtain consent from interviewees (if the story is not your own). A consent template will be provided.
  • Submit completed stories and images by June 1, 2021.
  • Participants will receive a small stipend plus have approved costs covered for the project.

Stories of Resilience outcomes will be shared with the community in a local exhibition, plus online and in a hardcopy booklet. Opportunities for sharing may extend beyond the community.

Please email or call Piikani Nation Lands Department at 403-965-3807 for more information.